5 days ago

At-Home DNA Testing Kits May Give You Unreliable Health Information

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies like 23AndMe and AncestryDNA that try to predict health issues are sometimes downright wrong, according to a new study.

5 days ago

Attention, Stronger People at the Gym: You Have to Help the Newbies

When gym equipment is limited and someone who lifts way less than you wants to share your squat rack, be a good sport about it.


The 'Wellness Influencer' Lifestyle Can Be a Gateway to Disordered Eating

The corner of the internet that chronicles meticulous diets and “clean eating” regimens is still a petri dish for orthorexia.


As STI Rates Soar, Trump Is Funding Clinics That Don't Believe in Condoms

Religiously affiliated groups are now receiving millions in federal funds—but doing little to prevent STIs.


Wellness Brands Skirt FDA Rules to Push Shady UTI ‘Cures’ on Instagram

Promising cures or prevention is against the law for supplements, but at least one product believes it's skirting the line.


Don't Gnaw Your Way to Hotness

Jawzrsize capitalizes on one of the myriad ways the internet has made us feel terrible about our bodies.


Bodybuilding Is Cashing in on All the Women Doing Squats at the Gym

One of the biggest amateur competitions in the world will feature a "wellness division" that focuses on the lower body.


Both Parents’ Drinking Habits Matter When They’re Trying to Have a Baby

Reproductive health has long focused on the pregnant person's behavior—but their partner's lifestyle is important, too.


New Study Casts Doubt on the Role of Oils in Vape Illnesses

The study was small, but involved biopsies of the lungs of people who had a history of vaping.


How to Eat Healthy When You're Tired, Sick, or Just Lazy

Chronic health conditions, mental illness, or just plain lack of energy can sap your ability or willingness to take care of your health; here's how to help yourself.


Yes, Men Get Breast Cancer

Beyoncé's father, Mathew Knowles, shared his diagnosis in an interview with "Good Morning America" to shed light on a rare, but very real, health risk lots of men face.


Skin-Bleaching Products Are Unsafe and Racist

Skin-lightening cosmetics are in the spotlight once again after a California woman's hospitalization.