I Tried it


I Got a Gum Transplant So I Could Have a Younger Smile

Sheer vanity prompted me to let a periodontist slice and dice my gums.


I Bought a Bunch of Gas Station Boner Pills and Only Made It Through One

I didn't die, but I won't be trying the rest.


I Took an At-Home Poop Test

Who wouldn't want a snapshot of what's going on in their digestive system?


I Went to a Sex Resort to Try and Learn to Be 'Monogamish'

Apparently, you can have an open relationship without being totally polyamorous.


This Is What Happened When I Tried Light Therapy to Clear Up My Acne

LED light therapy started as NASA technology, but it's now being used as an at-home cosmetic treatment for acne and wrinkles.


My Teeth Grinding Changed the Shape of My Face

Botox could potentially treat both my bruxism and the underlying trauma that may have caused it—so I gave it a try.


I Got an Instant Smile Makeover Marketed to Brides

I’ve always thought that my top two front teeth were too long. So did a few of my schoolmates, who enjoyed calling me “Bugs Bunny.”


I Used Indoor Skydiving to Practice Mindfulness

"Ommmmm...my god, I'm fucking flying."


I Spent 4 Hours Trying to Achieve a Full-Body Orgasm

My quest for the transcendent climaxes I hear about from women and the occasional dude.


What You Should Know About Drinking Weed

What I learned from replacing my alcohol with cannabis elixirs for a week.