About Us

Compass Minerals is not new to the world of plant nutrition — much to the contrary, we’ve been in the mineral production business for more than 170 years. That said, we are committed to rethinking the norms and challenging the conventions. Not relying on what has worked in the past, but asking what will be beneficial for generations to come. We have a vision to better the future of agriculture.

Our job is to put the best minds to work developing the very best products regardless of space, time, geography or climate. Our recent acquisition of Produquímica in Brazil bears testament to this vision. Developing and manufacturing a diverse and global portfolio of innovative plant nutrition solutions brings forward the right level of tradition while changing farming practices forever.

We mine, manufacture and formulate the highest-quality ingredients to maximize plant health — above and below ground. Through extensive research and development, we design our products to tackle adverse conditions so that the result is healthier, higher-quality plants – for every crop stage, across every acre.

Whether it’s coating micronutrients onto every dry fertilizer prill, combining premium chelates with liquid applications, delivering high amounts of potassium with sulfate sulfur, or now, delivering nutrition to the seed, Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition offers a solution that delivers nutrition to the plant when it is needed most.